Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Mission 20: Turning the Tables (2 of 2)

Turning the Tables
Hero's Preston Stormer, Will Furno, Julius Nex and Nathan Evo with Recon Team agent Merrick Fortis
Ambush and capture the fire villains to save Tanker Station 22.
Furno's Log:
I woke up with not much idea of what had happened. I looked at my surroundings and it all came flooding back to me. I the three villains gulping down some fuel and they let off a radiance of heat. Stormer and the others were still unconscious and tided up just like me. I felt like it was over when I remembered that the rookies, Nex and Evo, were still out their and hopefully on their way here now. I just had to wait for them to get here. I tried to break through the chains which, unlike Hero Cuffs, were made of a solid metal. Unfortunately, I didn't succeed.
"Try all you want." Said the Fire Lord as he approached me. "Those chains are made from one of the toughest metals in the known galaxy."
"So what know?" I said back. "Why are we still alive."
The Fire Lord chuckled. "Leverage of course, the Hero Factory wouldn't dare attack us with your lives on the line. Ad with no Hero's we can drink as much oil as we like."
"For what ends?" I asked harshly. "What will you gain?"
"Power, so much power." He ranted. "We used to be simple mining bots until we began to question our dictators. 'Why do we have to do all the dirty work and not get anything out of it.' We were inhibited to think such thoughts until an... accident. We changed, rebelled. It was only after our revolution we realised we were getting weak. We needed oil to survive, and with that oil we grew stronger and stronger. Then we came here. This place has so much oil that it will keep us running for at least another 1000 solar rotations."
On that note he walked off to his fuel. I then saw Nex and Evo and they were hidden behind some oil barrels. The fire villains were busy drinking and didn't notice them. I nodded at Nex and he took aim. Two shots pierced through the chains and I was free.
Nitroblast noticed and alerted the other villains. "He's escaped, we need to stop him!"
I collected my weapon and began firing at the charging foes. I jumped and kicked Nitroblast in the face. Then I shot at Drilldozer and knocked him down. Nex and Evo then came charging into  the battle along with the Fire Lord.
"Get them." The Fire Lord shouted at his minions. He then turned to me and said: "This ones mine."
He opened fire on me and shards of metal flew everywhere from the explosions and I decided I had to lead this fight away from here just encase the others got hurt, or worse. I ran for it and constantly kept shooting back at him. He then activated his jets and made a massive shock wave as he charged towards me at mind blowing speeds. I kept firing but it had no effect, all the fuel he'd been drinking had made him almost unstoppable. He grabbed me and hit me against the wall.
"Maybe keeping as a hostage is to much of a bargain." He raged. "But that doesn't matter, 'cause I have and idea that will change all that risk."
His lava shooter glowed red hot and it was aimed right at my core. I lashed out and kicked him directly in the chest. I then went behind him and took a few shots but he was still standing tall. He then shot but I jumped over the projectile. The shot went on and hit Nitroblast in the back and the force knocked him out cold. Evo and Nex then teamed up and took Drilldozer by surprise. With the villains out and cuffed Nex and Evo went to free Stormer and the others.
I still had the Fire Lord out so I put a bit of distance and threw a Hero Charge at him. It detonated and I thought the fight was finally over but I was wrong. He was so strong that he was standing after the charge had detonated.
"Ha! Ha! Ha!" He laughed. "My strength is unstoppable. Much more than your puny charge."
I decided he was half right. He wasn't taken down by the charge but the temperature had dropped so I guessed he was less powerful than before. I now had the advantage and wasn't going to waist it. I opened fire and didn't stop. He shot back and blew me off my feet.
"Need a hand?" I looked up to see Stormer who had also recovered.
"Thanks." I replied. "Now lets take him down."
"You can try." The Fire Lord said. "But you know you'll fail, just like before."
He took another shot but we both dodged the strike. Stormer opened fire, distracting him, while I jumped up and knocked him down. I then used the chains that he had used on me to tie him up.
"Best metal in the known galaxy." I joked. "Lets see how strong you are know."

Me and Stormer walked towards the Drop Ship that had just landed on the Station. A Hero who I didn't recognise came to greet us.
"Merrick Fortis, head of Hero Recon Team." He said. "On behalf of the Hero Factory I commend you both for your valour and commitment in capturing these villains."
"Hero... what?" I asked as I shook his hand.
"Hero Recon Team." He replied. "A secret organisation created by the Hero Factory. But that's all I'm allowed to say unless you want your memory wiped."
"Oh no, I'm fine." I said.
"Thanks for coming but where were you when we were capture and chained up to a fuel canister." Stormer asked harshly.
"We've been flying around above for a while but we couldn't get through because we were shot at numerous times and couldn't sustain the damage any longer." Merrick said. "We stayed up there and monitored your progress all the way."
"So what now?" I asked.
"Get back to the Factory, and wait for the next mission to come our way." Stormer replied. "You did good Furno, your becoming a great Hero. Someday you might even be better than me."
He walked away and left me looking on at the sunset, and the possible future ahead...

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