Monday, 23 August 2010

2010 Hero Review: Preston Stormer

My brother got Preston Stormer when I got Natalie Breez. He is cool but I do have one complaint which I think every one knows: his arm is hollow. But he still looks cool.

The Build was even simpler than the rookie's. Because you only have one proper arm you don't as build much. I'm giving the Build a 4/10

Same as the other Hero's, there are a lot of new pieces. 8 in total. The helmet is cool and has a visor along his eyes. The Body is the same as the other Hero's but the body armour is different, it has cool spikes that give him more of a icy feel. He also has a trans-blue HeroCore which is exclusive to this set. He has the blue limbs which are cool but he only comes with 3. The leg armour is the same as the others but they look cool in white. The feet are also the same as the others but in are in white. The weapon is cool and has a nice trans-blue crystal affect, he also has a buzz saw, a harpoon and something else but I don't know what it is. His right hand is moulded into the weapon which give it a nice affect but the con with the weapon is that it is hollow. I'm giving the New Pieces a 9/10

The playability , as you know, is not so good on its own, but together with some of the other Hero's and Villains it would be very fun so I'll give a 5/10

Overall, I like Preston Stormer but my only complaint is the hollow arm. He has a nice colour scheme and some cool pieces. Overall I think he deserves a 7/10

I don't have any more HeroFactory sets to review until I get some more, so their won't be any more reviews for a while but their will be posts on other things. Please comment and follow,

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