Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hero Factory: Breakout Episode Review

Sorry that it's been so long since an update. I was going to abandon this blog and start a new one and I did start a new one but then saw it was a bit pointless. So I'm back on this blog and kind of took a break during March. But now onto the main topic of this post which is the episode review of Breakout which is an episode I loved. It was split into two episodes like Savage Planet was but I like this one better. I didn't completely understand why they changed Evo's character so much and even though I like this version better but it is just a bit confusing about why they did it. Anyway, the episode did have a big cliff hanger at the end and a lot more is revealed Rocka but I won't go into that and spoil it for you. Black Phantom was an okay  villain but I have to say I liked Voltix the best. His character was good and what I liked is that each villain had their own plans of destruction and weren't just rampaging around the galaxy creating pointless destruction. Voltix was creating a super weapon; Splitface was destroying a communications centres; Toxic Reapa was trying to build an army; Jawblade was collecting Oxidium to rust any hero in his way and Speeda Demon was going to crash ships into Kollix 4 and then loot them. Meanwhile Black Phantom was trying to destroy the Hero Factory. I'll give the episode rating of 10/10 but the change in Evo's character still bugs me. Please comment and follow,

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